In September 2017, a ground-breaking study was published in Nature Communication (Verhoef et al., 2017) presenting VMX-COO1 as a safe and effective reversal agent for prevention and treatment of bleeding in the presence of FXa-DOACs. The factor Xa from the venom of one of the most venomous snake in the world - the Australian brown snake named Pseudonaja textilis - was the source of inspiration for the creation VMX-COO1. Venom factor Xa causes human blood to clot even in the presence of factor Xa inhibitors. Researchers of the LUMC identified the reason for this insensitivity and applied this to human factor Xa. The result was the engineered protein VMX-COO1. VMX-COO1 is injected as an inactive pro-enzyme, and will immediately restore hemostasis using natural pathways of blood coagulation. VarmX aims to place a best-in-class antidote on the market, with unrivalled safety profile, and effective half-life. 

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